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  • From Hemert L.E.M. van Universiteit Leiden

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    Deze instructievideo laat zien hoe je een verlofaanvraag kan indienen in SAP Self Service. Het loopt je door alle stappen heen die nodig zijn voor het aanvragen van…
  • From Scheen D.A.C. Universiteit Leiden

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  • From Dorresteijn R.A. Universiteit Leiden

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  • From Arzu Sahin

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  • From Simon Danckaerts

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    In this tutorial you'll learn how to access Brightspace, what you can find on the homepage and how to navigate through it. As of the 2020/2021 academic year,…
  • From Arzu Sahin

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    As of Monday 22 March 2021, 07:30h all staff members, including instructors, student-assistants, support staff, and guest lecturers will need to log into Brightspace…

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  • From Pinxteren L.M.C. van Universiteit Leiden

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    Zoom Recording ID: 63863239013 UUID: 9yWDFz8iSyisuLsfiYUV4Q== Meeting Time: 2023-05-29 01:06:36pmGMT
  • From Driessen I.B. Universiteit Leiden

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    SAILS Lunch Time Seminar with Iris Wuisman about the European AI Act.
  • From Driessen I.B. Universiteit Leiden

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    SAILS Lunch Time Seminar with Ksenia Fedorova about Critical AI Art, Human Machines and the Eliza Effect