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  • From Vorisek T.J. Universiteit Leiden

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  • From Vorisek T.J. Universiteit Leiden

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  • From Gobée O.P. LUMC

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    In de video worden de drie lokaties van buik- en bekkenorganen ten opzichte van het peritoneum (intraperitoneaal, secundair retroperitoneaal, [primair] retroperitoneaal)…

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  • From Arzu Sahin

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  • From Danckaerts S.B. Universiteit Leiden

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    In this tutorial you'll learn how to access Brightspace, what you can find on the homepage and how to navigate through it. As of the 2020/2021 academic year,…
  • From Arzu Sahin

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    As of Monday 22 March 2021, 07:30h all staff members, including instructors, student-assistants, support staff, and guest lecturers will need to log into Brightspace…

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  • From Krijger H. de Universiteit Leiden

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    Producer: Jonas Borchers Director: Jian Yi Cameramen: He Maohua, Ye Zuyi, Yang Jianping Production assistant: Liu Xiaochun Editors: Zhujian, Eva Subtitle translation:…
  • From Deul E.R. Universiteit Leiden

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  • From Koppenol K. Universiteit Leiden

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    Non-linear dimensionality reduction methods for interaction exploration of high dimensional (image) data.